‘Some Northern Elites Children Who Schooled Abroad Were Secretly Recruited Into The CBN’ – According to Maiyaki

'Some Northern Elites Children Who Schooled Abroad Were Secretly Recruited Into The CBN' - According to Maiyaki

Ahmed Maiyaki, a former spokesman for the governor of Kaduna State, has argued that the offspring of some Northern elites who had studied overseas were secretly recruited into the CBN. He observed that these people would rather stay in their comfort zones now that they had returned to Abuja. He maintained that the Northern politicians are putting their own interests ahead of more important regional issues. He goes on to push the CBN to provide the identities of all staff members hired after 2019. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He emphasized the right of Northern leaders to express their views and advocate for the interests of the North. However, he raised the question of whether these leaders are addressing the most critical issues facing the region.

He said in an interview with Arise TV, ”The Northern leaders have the right to hear their views. They have every right to say something that protects the interest of the North. However, we need to know. What are other issues that are more critical to the North that we expect the Northern leaders at the level of ACF or other critical groups to come out and speak for the common man in the North?

For me as a Northerner, I believe strongly that they are speaking strongly to protect their own interest. Because if you check from 2019, I challenge that we should have agencies of government like the CBN to publish the names of people who works there. Some Northern elites children who schooled abroad were secretly recruited into the CBN. These are people who schooled in the UK and they are back into Abuja in their comfort zone and they do not want to move out of Abuja.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>


  1. This man deserves accolades for being among a few who put national interest above regional interest. Our selfishness is what is killing us. Some of us want to sell the nation to our wives and children – the reason behind the ruthless stealing and ruthless accumulation of wealth. Our Nirthern brothers are not helping matters with the feudalism enthroned there. They want to own and administer every natural resource God blessed Nigeria with
    .This government must stand firm to help tame their excesses

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