‘Some Governors Are Saying We Should Pardon These Bandits So That They Can Surrender’ -According to Gov Sani

'Some Governors Are Saying We Should Pardon These Bandits So That They Can Surrender' -According to Gov Sani

According to Uba Sani, the governor of Kaduna state, some state governors have recently suggested that bandits should be granted pardons in exchange for turning in their firearms. He did, however, emphasize that earlier attempts, made by other governors, to use such non-kinetic tactics, had not been successful. He brought attention to the alarming fact that between 85 and 90 percent of people who live in Nigeria’s northwest struggle to make ends meet. He drew attention to the statistical landscape of Nigerian out-of-school children, pointing out that a sizable proportion is found in the North West. He maintained that encouraging bandits to give up their firearms is not enough to overcome the current insecurity situation. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He said in an interview with Channels TV, ”About 85 to 90% of the people that live on the North Western part of Nigeria are living below the poverty line. And of course, if you look at the statistics of the out-of-school Children in Nigeria, you can see that a lot of them are from the North Western part of Nigeria. That is the reason why I kept calling on for good governance because people kept talking about using the non-kinetic approach to end this crisis of insecurity.

It’s not only by asking these bandits to surrender their weapons. Most of these efforts were made some years ago by past governors and it didn’t yield any result. And again recently, some governors are saying we should pardon these bandits so that they can surrender. And I said look, that is only one aspect of non-kinetic, which for me is not even the most important one. The most important one is looking at the condition of the people generally. The poverty and hopelessness generally.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>


  1. Pardon who? These daredevils that have deliberately killed so many people and render so many families homeless? Greater percent are aliens. They cannot be integrated to the country they Ve caused so much tears and pains

  2. The bandits are in delibrate act, they are ponsored, financed and are armed by a senator whose name has not been revealled. They has caused the death of thousand innocent nigeria whose life are better off than these terrorist and bandits. They are not good citizens. If you pardon them-then justice is not done to family of the victims killed by these enemies(bandits), and nigeria will not be safe, and will never be free of terrorism, and those behind will not learn any lesson. So to me, i suggest they should be killed. They should be sent to their very grave-so that they(bandits) can feel the pain that they have put others into. Or we will all die when they are freed again.

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