Solomon Bob Claims “I never thought that after the lofty heights of Wike’s performance, Fubara would do this to him”

Solomon Bob Claims "I never thought that after the lofty heights of Wike's performance, Fubara would do this to him"Respected Solomon Bob, a Rivers State representative in the House of Representatives, has openly chastised Governor Sim Fubara, alleging that he is purposefully separating himself from Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister Nyesom Wike. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Bob claims that Governor Fubara has a deep disrespect for Wike, who was crucial to his ascent to the governorship, based on his behavior.

In a revealing interview with TVC, Honourable Bob likened Governor Fubara’s behavior to that of an emperor, recounting a specific incident where the governor was completely inaccessible. “To be honest with you, the governor has demonstrated acts of disrespect and total disregard for Wike,” Bob stated. “As soon as he came into office, he drove a wedge between himself and Wike. He made himself unreachable and unapproachable.”

Bob further claimed that Governor Fubara used proxies to spread misinformation about the reasons behind their conflict, thereby creating a negative perception of Wike. He argued that this strategy was designed to secure Fubara’s control over Rivers State. “He came into office with the mentality that ‘I am a law unto myself.’ And you are seeing that in the actions he has exhibited in Rivers State over the last couple of months,” Bob continued. “He has been using profane language and aiming jibes at his predecessor. But before that, he used a lot of proxies to create an atmosphere of disinformation that was very negative against Wike from the get-go. He did that as a way to prepare the grounds to take over Rivers State.”

Expressing his dismay, Bob said, “It’s unbelievable and I feel personally embarrassed. I never thought that after the lofty heights of Wike’s extraordinary performance, his successor would do this to him.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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