So Far, The Subsidy Removal Policy Is Working, And We Can See It’s Impact On The Economy—According to Akinsiju

So Far, The Subsidy Removal Policy Is Working, And We Can See It's Impact On The Economy—According to Akinsiju

In a recent interview with Arise News on Wednesday, Niyi Akinsiju, the chairman of the Independence Media and Policy Initiative and a member of the All Progressives Congress (APC), asserted that the president’s policy of doing away with subsidies is now effective and beneficial to Nigerians, adding that the impact is visible in the nation’s economy. These claims were made by Niyi Akinsiju in her evaluation of President Tinubu’s performance after eight months in office. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

In his remarks, he praised the typical Nigerian for having weathered the country’s economic downturn and counseled them to hang on a little while longer because there is a better possibility that things will improve.

In his words, “I think I need to appreciate the average Nigerians for their perseverance so far. You know it takes a Nigerian with such psychological capacity to be stable in this condition. But if we are hopeful that things will change, then we will have the power and the drive to keep going. The truth of the matter is that, so far, the removal of subsidy policy is working, and not only is it working, but we are seeing the green shoots of its impact on the economy. We’re seeing more physical funds being held, more money being saved for the first time, and we’re also seeing the possibility of deploying these funds being saved into capital. We also see a prospect that the capital budget of the federal government may likely perform up to 90%, if not more, in 2024.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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