‘Since My Husband Has Become King, An Individual In That List Has Not Let Him Have Peace’ -According to Mrs Ikolo

'Since My Husband Has Become King, An Individual In That List Has Not Let Him Have Peace' -According to Mrs IkoloUgonwa Onwuneme Ikolo, the wife of the King of Ewu Kingdom, has claimed that her husband, Clement Ikolo, has been in significant anguish ever since he took on the job of King of Ewu Kingdom due to one of the people on the military’s wanted list for the Okuama massacres. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Reflecting on the circumstances surrounding the coronation of King Ikolo, she recounted the extensive security measures employed, including heavy military and police presence in a bid to stop this individual from disrupting the event. She suggested that authorities should prioritize conversations with this individual. She noted that this individual has not yet voluntarily presented himself for questioning or engagement with law enforcement agencies.

She said in an interview with Arise TV, ”I can tell you for free that there are some people in this picture which I would not give their names. It would be for the law court to prosecute them. But I believe the army should be interrogating them, I know one in particular. Since my husband has become king, an individual on that list has not let him have peace.

When we went for the coronation, we went under heavy arms from the Nigeria Military, and the police, and everybody was involved. So one of those people in that picture is somebody they should be talking to. And to the best of my knowledge, he has still not turned himself in.”

Clement Ikolo, the newly installed Ovie of Ewu-Urhobo Kingdom in Ughelli South Local Government area of Delta State was among the eight persons declared wanted by the defence headquarters over the March 14 killings of 17 officers and soldiers on a peace mission at Okuama community, Delta State.

Also on the list of those declared wanted is a suspected militant leader, Akevwru Daniel Omotegbono, who is also known as General Amagbein. The Miltary had tracked him down to Igbomotoru community in Bayelsa state but missed him as it was believed that he had gone underground. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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