Shehu Sani:”We’re Not Paying Subsidy And We Are Paying N5.4trillion Subsidy; I Really Don’t Understand This”

Hours after FG Named Abuja highway after Professor Wole Soyinka, Shehu Sani ReactsThe Nigerian government’s contradictory claims surrounding fuel subsidies have left famous lawmaker and former senator Shehu Sani perplexed and frustrated, as he recently tweeted about it.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Sani’s tweet reads: “We are not paying subsidy and we are paying N5.4 trillion subsidy; I really don’t understand this algebraic, linear or quadratic equation.”

Sani’s tweet highlights a growing concern among Nigerians about the transparency and consistency of the government’s fiscal policies, particularly concerning the controversial issue of fuel subsidies. The Nigerian government has historically subsidized fuel to keep prices low for consumers, but this has often led to significant financial burdens on the country’s budget.

The statement “We are not paying subsidy and we are paying N5.4 trillion subsidy” points to a perceived inconsistency in the government’s messaging. On one hand, officials have claimed that the subsidy regime has been dismantled, aligning with broader economic reforms aimed at reducing government expenditure.

On the other hand, there are reports suggesting that a substantial amount, specifically N5.4 trillion, is still being allocated for fuel subsidies. This apparent contradiction has left many, including Sani, puzzled and questioning the accuracy and honesty of the government’s financial disclosures.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>