Shehu Sani Expresses Concerns About Tinubu’s Government’s Proposal for a Regional Government

Shehu Sani Expresses Concerns About Tinubu's Government's Proposal for a Regional GovernmentRenowned human rights activist and former Kaduna Central lawmaker Senator Shehu Sani expressed his concerns about the legislative approach to the plan for a regional administration in Nigeria in a recent statement.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Sani’s comments came in response to moves by the Senate and House of Representatives, which he criticized for attempting to fast-track the implementation of a regional government without proper consultation and public hearings.

Sani emphasized that such a significant constitutional matter should not bypass the state Houses of Assemblies, which play a crucial role in the democratic process. He argued that the lack of involvement from these legislative bodies could undermine the principles of democracy and federalism upon which Nigeria is founded.

The senator’s concerns reflect a broader debate on the restructuring of Nigeria’s governance system. Proponents of regional autonomy argue that it could enhance administrative efficiency and bring governance closer to the people. However, opponents fear that it may lead to further division and weaken the central government’s ability to coordinate national policies.

Sani’s stance aligns with his long-held belief in the importance of local government autonomy, which he sees as vital for strengthening governance at the grassroots level and addressing issues of poverty and insecurity. He has previously lauded the federal government’s court move to enforce full autonomy for local governments, suggesting that it could save local councils from paralysis and restore development at the grassroots.

The debate over regional government is set against the backdrop of Nigeria’s complex political landscape, where issues of autonomy and resource control have been contentious. Sani’s call for a more inclusive and consultative process highlights the need for a careful and deliberate approach to constitutional amendments that could have far-reaching implications for the country’s future.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>