Several Meetings Have Been Held in Places Where They Said It’s Important to Cripple Igbos—According to Iwuanyanwu

Today A Young Northerner Will Think Igbos Hate Northerners by Killing 2 Great Leaders from the North—According to Iwuanyanwu

In an interview with Arise TV, Ohaneze Ndigbo President General Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu disclosed that following the election, there were rallies in Abuja and Lagos in favor of the Igbo candidate. He did, however, voice alarm over information he had learned about secret meetings where people had discussed how to weaken the Igbo community by going after their companies in Lagos and Abuja. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Chief Iwuanyanwu stated that he does not want to believe that this government is against the Igbos. He added that the demolition of Igbo property is beginning to suggest so.

According to him, “After the election, the candidacy was supported, one in Abuja, the candidacy was supported, one in Lagos. It was now confirmed by all these people who are against Igbos that the only way to handle Igbos is to cripple… they use the word cripple. Several clandestine meetings have been held in places where people said that it is now important to cripple Igbos and that the only way to cripple them is by crippling their businesses in Lagos and their businesses in Abuja. This information gets to us. It gets to me as the leadership of Igbos.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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