Service Chiefs & IGP Should Tell Us Why They Won’t Be Held Responsible For The Killings– According to Oshiomhole

Service Chiefs & IGP Should Tell Us Why They Won't Be Held Responsible For The Killings– According to Oshiomhole

In response to the recent killings in Plateau State, Senator Adams Oshiomhole has voiced his extreme displeasure and irritation with the security agencies. He wondered how the people in charge of securing the area appeared ignorant, and how the civilians might know about the approaching attack. Oshiomhole expressed disapproval for the security authorities’ tardiness in responding to the terrible occurrence in Plateau, highlighting the possibility of averting it with a proactive approach. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

In a video posted by News Central TV, Adams Oshiomhole called for accountability from the heads of security agencies, including the Chief of Army Staff, Chief of Defense, and others. He demanded that they explain to Nigerians why they should not be held responsible for the killings in Plateau State. Oshiomhole expressed the sentiment that the security agencies need to understand the public’s anger and frustration for their perceived failure in fulfilling their duties.

The former governor insisted that a proper investigation and explanation are necessary to understand the lapses that led to the Plateau killings. He pointed out that if someone spent three days in Plateau and obtained information about the attack, it indicated a level of planning that should not have gone unnoticed by the security apparatus. Oshiomhole stressed the urgency of holding those responsible accountable and emphasized that the citizens are in pain and angry about the security agencies’ failure.


Hear him: “We summon the Chief of Army Staff, the Chief of Defense, and the Chief of Air Force and IGP to tell us why we should not hold them responsible for these killings. If somebody spent three days in Plateau and he got the kind of information that one of the senators shared with us, it shows that the attack on Plateau took proper planning, and you can’t carry out that level of planning in secret that it won’t leak. If civilians were aware, how come those who were paid to secure it are not aware?. We need to let them know that we are in pain and that we are angry with them for failing in their duties.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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