Sen Sani statement. “State Police Will Simply Be An Instrument For Rigging Elections And Harassing Non Indigenes

Due to the high degree of insecurity in the nation, former senator Shehu Sani, who served as the representative of the good people of the Kaduna Central Senatorial Zone, has responded to the federal government’s rumoured proposal to establish a State Police. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Senator Shehu Sani responded by stating that state governors will use the State Police as a tool for election manipulation, legal action against political rivals, and intimidation of non-natives.

Speaking further, the former lawmaker made it known that State Police will not be able to solve the problem of insecurity that the Military, the federal police and other security agencies have been battling to solve over the years.

Senator Shehu Sani made this disclosure in a post he made on his official X handle on Tuesday afternoon, while reacting to the reported plan of Bola Tinubu’s led federal government, to create state police.

He wrote: “State Police cannot magically solve the problem that the Military, the Federal Police and all other security agencies have been battling with. State Police will simply be an instrument for rigging elections, persecuting political opponents and harassing non indigenes.”



Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s led government has been making plans to create state police, due to the high level of insecurity in the country. But on the other hand, some Nigerians are kicking against the plan, claiming that most of the state governors will misuse the state police, if given the opportunity to create the state police.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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