Sen Ndume said. ‘Why Would I Take My Money To The Bank And Then Pay For Protecting That Money?’

Sen Ndume said. 'Why Would I Take My Money To The Bank And Then Pay For Protecting That Money?'Senator Ali Ndume, the Senate Chief Whip of the National Assembly, has voiced concerns about the fairness and practicality of pursuing the cybercrime act prosecution. He took issue with the notion that Nigerians would need to pay to have their private bank accounts protected. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He claimed that the legislation against cybercrime had taken an unanticipated turn, especially with the levy’s implementation. He said that when the Cyber Crime Act bill was enacted by the National Assembly, many of his colleagues were unaware of the tax. He vehemently disagreed with the introduction of a tax, seeing it as an unfair burden on Nigerians, even if he acknowledged the significance of the Cyber Crime Act for protecting Nigerian interests.

He said in an interview with Channels TV, ”People did not look at this cybercrime as something that will go that way. Now that they are saying Levy and I heard the figures, then I said wow. And you see people reacted and you could see the reaction from the House of Rep and even my colleagues. The Cyber Crime Act is in the interest of Nigerians but what is wrong there is the levy.

Cybercrime is part of crime. The responsibility of the government is to protect people from crime, why do they have to pay for it? Why would you add another burden onto a Nigerian, I will not support that. If I had known that there was anything that had to do with placing an additional burden on a Nigerian, I would not support it. Now we are saying levy, who is going to pay the levy? Is it the bank or is it the government of the citizens? Why would I take my money to the bank and then pay for protecting that money?”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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