Sen Abbo ‘253 Polling Units Election Results Where I Won Was Canceled By Justice Chioma Nwosu’

Sen Abbo '253 Polling Units Election Results Where I Won Was Canceled By Justice Chioma Nwosu'

Senator Elisha Abbo, a former federal lawmaker, has claimed that Justice Chioma Nwosu, the nominee for the Supreme Court, threw out the results of 253 polling places in which he had won. He supported his claim with Form EC8A result sheets, claiming that a recording error caused figures to be initially entered in words rather than numbers, which led Justice Nwosu to nullify the results of that particular election. He said that with 172 votes in favor of the speaker and 68 against, the particular outcome showed a victory. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He noted that another election result where he had secured 75 votes, was invalidated because the space for a political party that did not participate was left vacant. He claimed that Justice Chioma had questioned why zero was not written for that party, leading to the cancellation of the entire ward result. He expressed concern that the judge’s decisions were not only annulling election results but also influencing the rewriting of electoral laws and INEC guidelines through her judgments.

He said in an interview with Arise TV, ”253 polling units election results where I won was canceled by Justice Chioma Nwosu. And I have the Form EC8A result sheets. A particular election result sheet was canceled and the reason is because the person who was supposed to write in figures, he wrote in words. So he went on to cancel the word and wrote in figure, she said they canceled the results. In this result, I got 172 here and the opposition got 68.

Now, another election result where I got 75, she canceled it because the political party that did not participate in the election, they left the space vacant. They didn’t vote for them, she said why didn’t you write zero for them? So they canceled an election because they didn’t write zero for a political party that did not participate. The whole of it ward result was canceled. Now, she is rewriting the electoral act and INEC guidelines by that her judgment.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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