S’Court knew if it did not do what it did in Kano, only God knows what would happen in Nigeria—According to Ulasi

If you look at Tinubu's family, apart from Clinton & his wife no leader has his credentials -According to Ulasi

Elder statesman Dan Ulasi has applauded the Supreme Court’s ruling to uphold the governors’ elections in Kano and Plateau following their dismissal by the Court of Appeal. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

In an interview with AIT, Ulasi suggested that the Supreme Court recognized the potential consequences tied to subverting the will of the people in these ‘volatile’ regions, emphasizing the importance of respecting the people’s voice in elections. He welcomed the decision, highlighting that it affirmed the voters’ choice and prevented unrest in the country.

In Ulasi’s words: “Supreme Court knew if it didn’t do what it did in Kano, only God knows what would happen in Nigeria. You know Kano is a volatile place, only God knows. Not to talk of Plateau. This thing happening in Plateau has been going on since Buhari’s time—Herdsmen—and I don’t think they have declared them terrorists. So it is a welcome development that they appreciate the voice of the people. The franchise that people showed on the election, that we voted for Mr. A and finally Mr. A was recognized”. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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