SCOAN PA Director Debunks “BBC has obviously shot itself in the foot” in the documentary TB Joshua

SCOAN PA Director Debunks "BBC has obviously shot itself in the foot" in the documentary TB Joshua

The Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) has denied claims made in a BBC documentary that Temitope Balogun Joshua, TB Joshua, the organization’s late founder, committed a number of crimes, including torture and rape. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

The church’s director of public affairs, Mr. Dare Adejumo, issued a statement on Tuesday in which SCOAN called the video “unfounded” and said that the people it featured had never heard of before. The BBC came under fire from them for allegedly betraying the values of impartiality, balance, and justice in journalism.

Mr Dare acknowledged that investigating wrongdoing is central to journalism. However, he felt that the BBC cherry-picked critics. Some accusers seem to have suspicious motives. SCOAN says it never heard of them despite their decades-long connection to the church claimed on 150-minute documentary.

The church finds it illogical when the documentary blanketly states TB Joshua spent 20+ years abusing people in a lawful country like Nigeria. SCOAN asks why accusers stayed silent when he lived. It believes some now make dubious claims to bring him down posthumously.

SCOAN suggests the BBC should have visited its premises as guests. Staff could have shown them the church’s true operations. Mr Dare expressed his dismay about BBC relying solely on bitter outsiders to produce a biased portrayal of the church.

”BBC has obviously shot itself in the foot by its compromise and roadside journalism.”

In the church’s view, the BBC passed up a chance at balanced reporting. SCOAN claims the documentary overlooked the vast beneficiaries of TB Joshua’s ministry. It says thousands gained miracles and life-changing help from his work. The church does credit the film with exonerating TB Joshua’s wife because no spouse could watch decades of abuse without acting, SCOAN argued. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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