Sani Umar:”Tinubu was lucky Buhari at the die-minute decided to repay him after he had shown disdain”

Sani Umar said. "On election day, there was no naira to spend; how could Tinubu have paid his way to win?"Former presidential media advisor Sani Umar has discussed Tinubu’s path to the presidency. In a recent YouTube video uploaded by Arise TV, Umar claimed Tinubu was lucky because Buhari had suddenly decided to endorse him for president. He claimed that at first, Buhari did not back Tinubu and even appeared to be in opposition to him.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He claimed that in spite of this, TInubu enjoyed the support of significant party figures, including powerful individuals like former governor El Rufai. He added that in order to make up for his prior support, these influential people backed Tinubu.

In Umar’s words: “He (Tinubu) was lucky that the person (Buhari) he supported to become president at the die-minute decided to repay him after he had shown disdain. Tinubu had shown interest in contesting and Buhari was not supporting him, he was doing everything against Tinubu. Tinubu had the support of very key members of his party, the governors like El Rufai and the rest were supporting him and I think they were supporting him in the spirit of reciprocation”.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>