‘SAN Femi Falana Went To Court Asking That The FG Should Be Compelled To Enforce The CPC’ -According to Monday Ubani

'SAN Femi Falana Went To Court Asking That The FG Should Be Compelled To Enforce The CPC' -According to Monday Ubani

Monday Ubani, a former vice president of the NBA, has claimed that the legal action taken by SAN Femi Falana to enforce the Control Price Act is a component of Nigerian law. He emphasized that the federation’s 2004 rules established a control body whose duty it is to set pricing for different goods. He voiced alarm about the widespread impunity that, along with the government’s lack of action, is causing the Nigerian market to experience high rates of inflation. He talked about the time he paid outrageous costs for a banana, highlighting the problems the market is facing as a result of price increases. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He said in an interview with Channels TV, ”That law has been in our law books but aw have not been able to activate it just like several other laws that are in our law books which the government has actually refused to comply with. What has happened is that, SAN Femi Falana went to court asking that the FG should be compelled to enforce the CPC. [Control Price Act.]

The laws of the Federation 2004 create a control board that’s supposed to fix prices of items. But in Nigeria, you see the level of impunity in terms of inflationary rate. Yesterday on my way back from work, I wanted to buy a banana, the banana that I used to buy for 300,500, and the woman told me N2000. Despite all my plea, the woman refused to comply in giving me that particular banana for 1,500. She insisted on 2,000. And I was so shocked. The same thing with cement, the same thing with everything in the market.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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  1. Infact I can’t wait to see somebody like you forward the fight against this unnecessary increment in the price of everything in the market. We are all fed up.

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