Ruth: It is not proper for soldiers to come to S’media to express their grievances – According to Ex-Colonel Dare

after female soldier said she refused to sleep with an officer and was Ex-Col. Dare Reacts

According to Colonel Yomi Dare, the former Director of Nigeria Army Legal Services, troops do not usually utilize social media as a forum to air their issues. He underlined that the military has internal systems in place to deal with these kinds of problems. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Col. Dare said this in response to a widely shared video in which a female soldier named Ruth Ogunleye claimed she was mistreated after declining an offer of affection from a senior commander. The video went viral.

The former Army Director, Dare said the military remains consistent with the same principles and structures from the time he served and that there was no need for soldiers to deviate from the traditional channels within the military for addressing grievances

In Dare’s words: “It is not proper for soldiers to come to social media to express their grievances. There are structures (within the military). I don’t want to believe that things have changed. I believe that it is still the same military that I left years back”. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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