Rufai Oseni Response to Governor Fubara’s Redeployment of Wike’s Loyalists From Key Offices

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Governor Fubara’s firm stance against FCT Minister Nyesom Wike throughout the controversy has resulted in a calculated reorganisation of the cabinet. Several commissioners have resigned from their positions as a result of Minister Wike’s loyalists being removed from important positions. This signifies a substantial decline from the Peace Accord that was previously reached in Abuja.

Amidst the turmoil, Rufai expressed his skepticism about the peace efforts, stating, “I am sure Fubara has learnt that it is useless trying to make peace with some people. We told him before,” maintaining the integrity of his original statement.

Rufai Oseni’s Post,



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  1. Sure he who eats with the devil must hold a long spoon. A wise man does not make peace with the devil and his agents.Those who think they own power will soon understand that power belongs to God.

  2. Those who God gave opportunity to hold and taste power may be foolish to think that they own power and soon they will be rejected by God and will die shamefully like Saul. It’s a pity.

  3. The Rivers State PEACE question would continually remain a MIRAGE until the foundation matter is addressed!
    Much as Emperor Wike may stand on the pre-election “Aburi” accord, its very uncivilized for him to elongate his tenure into another governors slot!
    Its ALL greed.
    Even if you bankrolled the election as observed in several quarters, descency demands dynamism/upgrades on unfolding scenarios.
    Simply ask Fubara to square you up on some contracts & leave the poor guy to RUN his govt.
    Jostling/rooting for particular appointments or policy by Wike is wrong! That tantamounts to elongation of office to 16yrs. Unconstitutional!
    Is the fmr FCT Admin asking 4 this & that? Wike beware of Crab spirit!

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