Rivers: RSDG “Five Commissioners Just Resigned Today, As We Speak, They’re Running To Go & Hide In Abuja”

Rivers: RSDG "Five Commissioners Just Resigned Today, As We Speak, They're Running To Go & Hide In Abuja"According to Daily Post, the Rivers Social Democratic Group (RSDG) linked the impending investigation into the former administration’s actions to the departure of five commissioners in Rivers State in a recent statement. The group said they anticipate questioning these officials after the probe starts. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

The resignations came shortly after Governor Sim Fubara announced plans to establish a judicial panel of inquiry to examine the state’s financial dealings under the previous administration.

The RSDG, in a statement signed by President Hon. Belema Green, alleged that the resigning commissioners are attempting to avoid accountability for their involvement in questionable transactions.

The group expressed support for Governor Fubara’s efforts to recover misappropriated funds and restore the state’s financial stability, urging him to continue despite challenges.

“For fear of being arrested and prosecuted for their involvement in shoddy deals, 5 Commissioners just resigned today. As we speak, they are running to go and hide in Abuja,” the statement read. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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