Rivers: If There’s No Budget; How Are You Spending? That’s My Worry – According to George-Kelly

Fubara would have been a level 14 civil servant in the Ministry of Finance if not for Wike - According to George-Kelly AlaboFormer Rivers State commissioner for works George-Kelly Alabo provided information about the political instability in the state and his resignation. Alabo said that one of the resolution’s stipulations was to represent the budget to the relevant House of Assembly in a video that Channels Television published. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

According to him, the opposing side only partially performed their duties when agreements were made and settlements were obtained. He voiced concern about how a state without a budget could be spending without an allocation.

He claimed that he was violating procurement and appropriation laws by signing award letters and approving projects without the necessary budget. Since he lacked immunity, the EFCC may potentially arrest him.

In his words, “Resolutions were reached, and agreements were signed. The president handed over the paper to the former governor, Peter Odili, to read. Has this party done their part? yes. Has this other party done their part? partially. That is the issue.”

“Part of the resolution was that the budget should be represented to the correct House of Assembly. Was that done up until now? No.”

“So there’s no appropriation if there’s no budget; how are you spending? That’s my worry. How can I serve with that kind of government? I’ll be picked up one day because you have immunity.”

“I’m approving projects and signing award letters without appropriation, which is in breach of appropriation and procurement law, and I don’t have immunity, so I can be picked.”

“Today tomorrow, next tomorrow, my loyalty lies irreversibly with Barrister Nyesom Wike. Let me tell you something. We must not forget about those who helped us climb; you must not.”

“The governor (Fubara), for instance, would have been a level 14 civil servant in the Ministry of Finance, if not for Wike, who made him the Permanent Secretary, accountant general, and then Governor today. Some of us should be bold enough to speak the truth to power.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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