Rivers: Fubara Shouldn’t Take This Fight to a Level Where He’ll Cross the Red Line—According to Majeed Dahiru

Rivers: Fubara Shouldn't Take This Fight to a Level Where He'll Cross the Red Line—According to Majeed DahiruMajeed Dahiru, a political expert, advised Rivers State Governor Fubara not to escalate his dispute with former Governor Nyesom Wike during an appearance on AIT. Dahiru emphasized that Fubara shouldn’t let his resentment and irritation get to the point where it becomes difficult for them to reconcile. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Dahiru noted that Wike was instrumental in Fubara’s rise to governorship, a fact that should not be overlooked. He advised Fubara to consider this reality while navigating the intricacies of Nigerian politics, where alliances and relationships are vital.

( Photo credit : Arise Television Official Facebook Page )

During an interview on AIT, Dahiru remarked, “Fubara too must understand one thing, no matter the disagreement with Wike, no matter the anger, no matter the frustration, he shouldn’t take this fight to a level where he will cross the red line and there will be no possibility of reconciliation, so he must always remember that within the purview of Nigerian politics which is not something I will advice anybody to try at home, but we know how it works in Nigeria, and within that poor view, Fubara cannot deny the fact and nobody should deny that fact that Wike played the most role in making him governor.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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