Rivers Crisis: Tambuwal Defected On The Floor Of HOR But Didn’t Declare His Own Seat Vacant– According to Oshoma

Rivers Crisis: Tambuwal Defected On The Floor Of HOR But Didn't Declare His Own Seat Vacant– According to OshomaLiborous Oshoma, a lawyer and public affairs commentator, discussed the formation of a factional speaker in the Rivers State Assembly during an interview with TVC News. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He started off by bringing up Tambuwal’s prior political defection on the House of Representatives floor Oshoma brought up the topic of whether it is lawful for Tambuwal to defect even though he did not declare his own seat vacant.

Oshoma referenced the time of Mr. Amaewhule, who similarly defected while holding the position of speaker in the past. He raised a critical question regarding whether Edison Ehie, who currently claims the speakership, had the authority to declare his own seat and those of 27 lawmakers vacant in response to the defection.

He stated that the legality of actions taken by lawmakers in response to defections depends on established legal precedents and procedural requirements. He emphasized the importance of adherence to legal protocols to maintain the integrity of democratic institutions.


Hear him: “Tambuwal defected on the floor of the House of Representative, he ought to have declared his own seat vacant but he didn’t do that. Mr Amaewhule as at the time he was speaker defected also, but the question is, was Mr Edison Ehie a speaker to to have declared his seat and that of the 27 lawmakers vacant?.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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