Rivers Crisis: ‘Edison Ehie Has Written A Letter To INEC That The Seat Of The 27 Lawmakers Has Been Vacated’ – According to Ameh

Rivers Crisis: 'Edison Ehie Has Written A Letter To INEC That The Seat Of The 27 Lawmakers Has Been Vacated' - According to Ameh

Peter Ameh, the national secretary of the Coalition of United Political Parties, has expressed reservations regarding a court ruling that recognized Edison Ehie as the legitimate speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly, highlighting the appointment’s legal validity. He said that Edison Ehie has officially informed INEC that the seats of the 27 lawmakers led by Martins Amaewhule have been vacated, in accordance with the correct legal procedures. He expressed shock at the President’s order for INEC to approve these MPs’ return and questioned how it would affect the court’s ruling. He contended that the President might undermine the court ruling for political reasons if he did this. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He said in an interview with Channels TV, ”There was a court order that states that the rightful speaker of the Rivers state House of Assembly is Edison Ehie. He has been put there by the law. And then Edison Ehie has written a letter to INEC that the seat of the 27 lawmakers has been vacated. It’s a complete process. For the President to now come and say that they should accept them, what happens to the Judicial pronouncement of the Judge?

So the President on the altar of political consideration, the order of our court will now be brought to nothing. These people want to come back but they are in a new party. If the President want to help his new members, he should take the matter to the court of appeal. Because this case is a decided case even in 2015. The Supreme Court declared that as soon as you have decamped, your seat will be vacated.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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