Rivers Conflict: According to Oshoma, Evans Bipi Led 5 Members Of Rivers Assembly To Suspend And Impeach A Governor

Rivers Conflict: According to Oshoma, Evans Bipi Led 5 Members Of Rivers Assembly To Suspend And Impeach A GovernorLiborous Oshoma, a lawyer and public affairs commentator, responded to the appearance of a factional speaker in the Rivers State Assembly during an interview on TVC News. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Oshoma compared the state of affairs now to earlier incidents that transpired under previous Governor Amaechi. He underscored the irony of individuals who had earlier denounced similar tactics taken by former assembly member Evans Bipi, and pointed out that these same people were now supporting the factional speaker.

Oshoma highlighted the differences between the current situation and past events, specifically referencing an incident where Bipi, along with a small group of assembly members, attempted to suspend and impeach the then-speaker during Amaechi’s administration. He underscored the severity of the situation, noting that Bipi’s actions ultimately led to the impeachment of the governor, a move that was widely condemned at the time.

He emphasized the significance of condemning actions that undermine the democratic process, regardless of political affiliation or personal agendas. He suggested that the stability and integrity of the state assembly depend on upholding democratic principles and respecting established protocols for leadership transitions.

Oshoma reiterated the importance of consistency and integrity in political discourse, urging stakeholders to uphold democratic values and condemn any actions that threaten the stability and legitimacy of democratic institutions. He called for a principled approach to governance, rooted in respect for the rule of law and the democratic process.


Hear him: “The same thing played out during Amaechi’s time as the governor of Rivers State. The people that are supporting Fubara and his clowns today condemned what Evans Bipi did. Evans Bipi led 5 members of Rivers State house of assembly of 32 members, he led 5 in an attempt to a suspend and impeach the then speaker, and subsequently impeached the governor. We all condemned it.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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