Rabiat stated. “They’re Calling My Children ‘Children Of Boko Haram.’ It’s Painful, My Heart Can’t Endure It”

Rabiat stated. "They're Calling My Children 'Children Of Boko Haram.' It's Painful, My Heart Can't Endure It"

On the evening of April 14, 2014, Boko Haram kidnapped 276 schoolgirls from their Chibok, Borno State, school. Rabiat was one of them. After almost ten years, Rabiat, who is currently 26 years old, managed to flee the Boko Haram enclave in 2023. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

The Nigerian Tribune reported on Saturday that Rabiat, a Christian before to her kidnapping, was coerced into converting to Islam and then married off to a member of Boko Haram. She currently has three children for the former member of Boko Haram: two daughters, ages two and five, and a son, age seven.

Speaking about how she was able to escape from the Boko Haram enclave, Rabiat said that there was a leadership crisis in the Boko Haram gang which led to a fight between them. He said that when the fight broke out, she and some other hostages saw that as an opportunity to flee.

She said, “I left because Boko Haram had problems and were fighting (with each other).”

Following her escape, Rabiat took part in the three-month deradicalization program initiated by the Borno State Government for repentant Boko Haram members and the former hostages.

After the completion of the program, she was moved to a high-profile area in Maiduguri, the capital of Borno State, alongside several other freed Chibok girls.

In the camp, the government keeps them under strict surveillance, and they are also paid a monthly stipend of N30,000.

Rabiat narrated the negative comments that are sometimes hauled at her children by people in the area, and added that she feels sad about it.

She said, “People insult us some days. They are calling my children ‘children of Boko Haram’. It’s so painful, my heart can’t endure it.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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