Putin is scheduled to visit Iran accompanied by four Sukhoi 35 planes and strict security protocols.

Putin is scheduled to visit Iran accompanied by four Sukhoi 35 planes and strict security protocols.Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, is expected to visit Iran under strict security protocols due to a previous incident. Four Sukhoi 35 planes will form the escort that will accompany him, according to a report from Globe Eye News. Putin is in Iran to attend the funeral service of Iranian President Raisi, who passed away recently. He intends to attend the funeral service.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

The decision to deploy the Sukhoi 35 jets highlights the significance of Putin’s visit to Iran as well as the urgency of taking precautions to ensure his safety while he is there.

In addition to highlighting the diplomatic links that exist between Russia and Iran, the presence of the Russian president at the funeral of Raisi is also a demonstration of Putin’s wish to pay his condolences to the fallen Iranian leader.

It is anticipated that the funeral service for Raisi will be a momentous occasion, with dignitaries and leaders from all over the world attending. This is a reflection of the impact that his presidency had all over the world, both locally and globally.

Russia’s commitment to maintaining solid relations with Iran and providing condolences during this period of sadness is demonstrated by Putin’s presence at the funeral, which is for the purpose of expressing sympathy.

The presence of the Sukhoi 35 jets serves as a reminder of the significance of security during high-profile diplomatic missions, particularly in regions that are experiencing geopolitical difficulties.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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