Prophet Joshua Iginla Explains One Way To Recognize That You Are Still Carnal

Prophet Joshua Iginla Explains One Way To Recognize That You Are Still CarnalProphet Joshua Iginla, the founder and senior pastor of Champions Royal Assembly, is a well-known Christian leader. He just shared on Facebook one technique to tell if you are still carnal. He emphasized that the inability to stick with a solid doctrine is a crucial sign of spiritual immaturity.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Iginla asserted, “One way to recognize that you are still carnal is your lack of endurance for sound doctrine. When sound doctrine becomes a burden, it indicates something is amiss.”

He acknowledged that while desiring material blessings is not inherently wrong, an excessive focus on such things can lead to numerous problems.

Addressing his fellow ministers, Iginla explained that their divine mandate is to transition people from being natural and carnal to being spiritual. “For as long as we keep fostering carnal congregations, pastors will never find rest,” he warned. He identified a key sign of carnality as focusing more on men than on God, which often creates issues within ministries.

“My true role is to help you, not just by prophesying or praying for you, though these are important pastoral duties,” Iginla continued. “The greatest help I can offer is teaching—bringing light, understanding, illumination, and wisdom.” He emphasized that teaching sound doctrine is crucial for the spiritual growth and maturity of believers.

Drawing a parallel with parenting, Iginla noted that just as parents find rest when their children become responsible, pastors can rest when their congregations mature spiritually. He cautioned against fostering insecurity by turning people’s attention solely to the pastor, stating, “It’s a risk and you’ll never find peace. Help, guide, and lead people to Jesus. Teach them the truth.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>