Primate Ayodele Warns Tinubu: Tinubu Must Watch Out Against A Political Coup In 2027

According to Primate "Tinubu Has Not Seen What Is Coming. What He Is Seeing Is Just A Preamble To What Is Coming"President Tinubu has been cautioned by prominent prophet and INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church founding primate Babatunde Ayodele to be on the lookout for a political coup in 2027. Ayodele, the primate, also cautioned against any attempts to topple Tinubu’s administration. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Ayodele claims that in a few months, people would start to see the instability that some people are assembling to thwart Tinubu’s administration.

In Primate Ayodele’s words in the interview with Punch News, “See, some people are coming together to frustrate Tinubus’s government, to make his government unstable, and in less than a few months you will begin to see it. So Tinubu must watch out against a political coup in 2027, quote my words.”

Recall that since when president Bola Ahmed Tinubu won the 2023 general election, there has been so many challenges. He has brought it policies to help the country’s economy but some citizens are against these policies while some are seeing the bright side of these policies. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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