President’s Nepotistic Tendencies Threaten National Unity – According to Oseni Rufai

President's Nepotistic Tendencies Threaten National Unity - According to Oseni RufaiThe president is not above the law in a democratic government, but noted journalist Rufai Oseni claims that this essential idea is being disregarded. It is concerning that Section 14(3) of the Constitution, which forbids nepotism and racial imbalance in political appointments, has been blatantly violated.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

The president’s actions promote division rather than national unity, as his ethnic group dominates key positions in government. The Yoruba ethnic group holds sway over critical ministries and agencies, including Finance, Central Bank, Federal Inland Revenue Service, Army, Police, Justice Ministry, Supreme Court, Customs, Immigration, EFCC, Ministry of Power, Office of the Chief of Staff, and the Petroleum ministry, which the president personally oversees. This concentration of power in one ethnic group is unacceptable and threatens the very fabric of Nigeria’s diversity.

As Rufai Oseni notes, “In a democracy, the president is not above the law, but it seems that this fundamental principle is being ignored.” This trend is dangerous for national unity and cohesion, as it creates a sense of marginalization and exclusion among other ethnic groups.

In a country with over 250 ethnic groups, it is essential to promote inclusivity and balance in political appointments. The Constitution recognizes this and mandates the president to ensure that appointments reflect the diversity of the nation. However, the current administration’s actions suggest a disregard for this provision, leading to a lopsided representation that alienates other ethnic groups.

It is essential to address this issue and ensure that political appointments reflect the diversity of Nigeria. The president must recognize the importance of inclusivity and take steps to address this imbalance, promoting a more united and equitable society for all Nigerians.

Oseni Rufai made the post on his official X handle formerly known as Twitter.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>