President and First Vice President Shall Come from the Same Part of the Country – According to Lawmakers

President and First Vice President Shall Come from the Same Part of the Country – According to LawmakersA group of thirty-five legislators, referred to as Reformers, have proposed several noteworthy changes to Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution. One of the suggested modifications is giving the President and state governors a single six-year term, which is meant to improve stability and governance in the nation.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

According to a report by Daily Post, the Reformers, led by Ikenga Ugochinyere, held a press briefing on Monday at the National Assembly to outline their proposals. Ugochinyere emphasized that the current constitution exhibits notable gaps that necessitate urgent reforms. The group has drafted 50 proposed amendments, six of which have already been listed on the floor of the House for consideration.

One of the key proposals involves the creation of two vice-presidential positions, one from the southern part of Nigeria and the other from the northern region. This amendment aims to ensure balanced representation and enhance national unity. Ugochinyere explained the rationale behind this proposal, stating, “Constitutional Amendment to provide that the President and the 1st Vice President shall come from the same part of the country (north or south) and the 1st Vice President shall become President whenever the President becomes incapacitated, i.e., V.P. (Succession), V.P. (Administration and Economy).”

The Reformers are advocating for the rotation of the Presidency among the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria. This rotational system is intended to foster inclusivity and reduce regional tensions. The lawmakers believe that rotating the highest office in the land will give every region a sense of belonging and mitigate the perceived marginalization of certain areas.

Another notable amendment proposed by the group is the simultaneous holding of all elections. This change would streamline the electoral process, reduce costs, and minimize the disruptions associated with staggered elections. By holding all elections on the same day, the Reformers aim to enhance the efficiency and credibility of the electoral system.

Ugochinyere highlighted the need for these amendments by pointing out the deficiencies in the current constitution. “The Constitution of the country had shown a huge gap that must be addressed,” he said. The proposed changes are seen as essential steps toward addressing these gaps and modernizing Nigeria’s political framework.

The proposed six-year single tenure for the President and governors is particularly noteworthy. This amendment is designed to allow elected leaders sufficient time to implement their policies and programs without the distraction of re-election campaigns. It is also expected to reduce the incidence of political maneuvering and instability often associated with second-term ambitions.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>