POR 1-2 CRO: The Signs of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Absence Without Him, Portugal Won’t Win The 2024 Euros

POR 1-2 CRO: The Signs of Cristiano Ronaldo's Absence Without Him, Portugal Won't Win The 2024 EurosPortugal’s final 2024 European Championship qualifier ended in a heartbreaking 1-2 loss to Croatia. Even though they were the favorites, Portugal had trouble getting into a groove, which brought attention to a major problem: Cristiano Ronaldo was missing.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Croatia took an early lead through a penalty scored by Luka Modric, showcasing his experience and precision. Portugal equalized in the opening minutes of the second half when Diogo Jota, a substitute, scored from a well-timed Nelson Semedo assist. However, Croatia regained their lead with a goal from Ante Budimir later in the second half, sealing their victory.

The match showed Portugal’s lack of a decisive attacker. Cristiano Ronaldo, who started on the bench, did not make an appearance, and his absence was keenly felt. Portugal’s forward line failed to convert chances, and their attacks lacked the cutting edge that Ronaldo typically provides.

Portugal created several opportunities but struggled to capitalize on them. Bruno Fernandes, often relied upon for creativity, could not generate significant scoring chances. Without Ronaldo’s presence up front, Portugal’s attack appeared toothless and uninspired.

Ronaldo’s absence not only affected the team’s scoring potential but also their morale. His leadership and experience have been crucial for Portugal over the years. His ability to step up in crucial moments has often made the difference in tight matches.

As Portugal heads into the 2024 Euros, the reliance on Ronaldo is more evident than ever. While the team boasts talented players, none have consistently delivered the way Ronaldo has. His knack for scoring and creating pivotal moments sets him apart, and without him, Portugal looks a shadow of its potential.

The defeat to Croatia serves as a stark reminder of what’s at stake. Portugal’s path to success in the Euros will be significantly harder without their talismanic forward. The team’s inability to replace Ronaldo’s influence raises doubts about their chances in the tournament.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>