Peter Obi stated. ‘ Is There Any Political Party Member That Buys Food Cheaper In The Market Today?’

Peter Obi stated. ' Is There Any Political Party Member That Buys Food Cheaper In The Market Today?'

Mr. Peter Obi, the former Labour Party presidential candidate for 2023, has questioned whether political loyalty has an impact on the cost of food in Nigerian markets today. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He said that his recent efforts to provide clean water to a portion of Nigeria go beyond political affinities. He called for a collective shift in focus towards matters that directly affect people’s welfare. He states that his main objective is to address these issues regardless of political differences.

A few weeks ago, Peter Obi commissioned Boreholes that he donated to some Northern Communities. The project is expected to ameliorate the suffering and water needs of those communities. The Northern part of Nigeria suffers a lack of water supply with farmers recording poor crop harvests as a result.



Unfortunately, the projects have drawn negative reactions from some Nigerians who believe that the aesthetics were poor. However, Peter Obi has argued that his borehole should not be politicized by the opposition and the Nigerian elites.

He said in a press conference reported by AIT, ”I have been going around this country trying to help in any way that I can. I’m appealing to other people to do the same thing. And in that appeal. I need to enlist the press as a partner to help us to continue in that direction without getting muddled up with political affiliation.

When we drill water, there is no political party involved. There is no road built in Nigeria by any political party. So let’s deal with the issues. Is there any political party member that buys food cheaper in the market today? So let’s focus on the issue that is bordering our people today.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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