Pastor Oye Baruwa:”Some Pastors Won’t Ask Where ‘Yahoo Boys’ Get Their Money From Because Of Greed”

Pastor Oye Baruwa:"Some Pastors Won’t Ask Where 'Yahoo Boys' Get Their Money From Because Of Greed"Pastor Oye Baruwa of the INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Talitakumi parish in Ijoko, Ogun State, has reportedly expressed serious worries to Punch on the substantial amounts of money that young people are giving as tithes. He raised concerns about the funding sources and the moral ramifications of accepting enormous sums of money without investigation.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Pastor Baruwa expressed doubt regarding how young people, particularly those as young as 23, could afford to pay tithes amounting to N2 million. He criticized some pastors for not questioning the origins of such contributions, attributing this oversight to greed within the church leadership.

He noted that some pastors do not inquire about the sources of these large donations because they are motivated by greed. Pastor Baruwa further criticized the reliance on offerings by some church leaders. He emphasized that pastors should serve their congregations and the community ethically. He highlighted the critical role that pastors play in Nigeria’s development, noting their influence on societal values and ethics.

Pastor Baruwa called on his fellow clergymen to act responsibly, urging them not to depend solely on financial contributions for their sustenance but to lead by example. Pastor Baruwa stressed that ensuring a better Nigeria rests in the hands of pastors who should uphold ethical standards and provide moral leadership.

Hear him: “Nigeria will be good and if Nigeria is to be good it is in the hands of the pastors. Many pastors are encouraging ‘Yahoo boys’ in their churches. How will a child of 23 years old pay a tithe of N2 million? Where did he get it? Some pastors won’t ask where most of these people get the money from because they are greedy. That’s why they believe that if they do not collect offerings, they cannot stand, but I want to prove them wrong. We are all in service to each other.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>