Pastor Mark ‘When I Lost My Wife And I Remembered That My Daughter Was In Captivity, I Collapsed’

Father of girl who Boko Haram kidnapped "My wife died while calling the name of Monica"The emotional toll of his daughter’s kidnapping has been described by Pastor Enoch Mark, whose daughter Monica and others were stolen in the Chibok Community in Borno State. He describes the event as dreadful and traumatic. He explained how his collapse was caused by the loss of his wife and the imprisonment of his daughter. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He narrated how he tragically lost his wife, Martha, due to the stress and trauma she incurred through the abduction of Monica, his daughter. He revealed that his wife tirelessly sought solace through prayer, participating in numerous interviews and public appearances to raise awareness about their daughter’s plight until her departure. However, Pastor Enoch has expressed hope that his daughter will come back home one day. He disclosed how some of the rescued Chibok girls confirmed that his daughter was still alive in the forest.

He said in an interview with Punch, ”I cannot explain how it had been because it was terrible. I lost her Mother, Martha, because of the trauma she went through. She died on July 10, 2020. Even because of too much thinking, I came down with a stroke. Presently, I’m suffering from a stroke. When I lost my wife and I remembered that my daughter was in captivity, I collapsed. As I’m talking to you now, I cannot walk for a long distance.

Since my daughter was kidnapped, my wife has been going up and down praying in so many places. They often call her from Lagos for newspaper and radio interviews, and she always goes. There are even pictures of her in the newspaper when she was crying. She cried while she was being interviewed. She wasn’t able to eat. Whenever we remembered to pray for Monica, she would shed tears.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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