Outgoing LGA Chairmen: Fubara “I Know What They Want To Do But We Will Not Give Them The Opportunity”

Outgoing LGA Chairmen: Fubara "I Know What They Want To Do But We Will Not Give Them The Opportunity"Governor Siminalayi Fubara of Rivers State has declared that he will not permit the departing local government chairmen to carry out their intentions. Fubara made these remarks in response to an incident on Tuesday in which several guests of the Aleto-Ogale-Ebubu-Eteo Road project inauguration were attacked by miscreants as they were leaving, according to a Vanguard report. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

While stating that such displays of animosity were utterly needless, Fubara urged the outgoing local government chairmen to endure until the end of their tenures so they can go their separate ways.

The Rivers state governor emphasized that he does not want any trouble, noting that while he understands what they want to do, he will not give them the opportunity to carry out their plans.

He further stated that he has already decided to take the path of peace, in line with the promise he made to President Bola Tinubu.

“So, please, just endure until when you finish, then you go your way. I don’t want trouble. I don’t want anything that will bring any problem in this State. I know what they want to do, but we will not give them the opportunity,” he said.

“We have made our promise to our leader, who happens to be the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, that we will take the path of peace and that is the part we are taking,” he added.

Recall that governor Siminalayi Fubara of Rivers state has been at odds with his predecessor, Nyesom Wike for some time now. Despite efforts by President Bola Tinubu to reconcile them, the conflict persists.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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