Our Greatest Joy Is The Arrest Of Chidozie Onyekwe, He’s The Leader Of Those Who Steal Cars -According to CP Disu

CP Disu: Kelechi Is An Expert In Removing Vehicle Trackers, All Stolen Vehicles Must Pass Through HimA complex operation aimed at vehicle theft and robbery resulted in the successful capture of about 26 individuals, according to Rivers State Police Commissioner Olatunji Disu. He was happy that Chidozie Onyekwe, who was suspected of being the mastermind behind auto theft schemes in Rivers state, had been apprehended. He claimed that Onyekwe’s careful training of collaborators in the illegal trade highlighted his leadership role. He emphasized that each and every vehicle theft committed by the people in custody is connected to their boss, Onyekwe. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Elaborating further, he revealed that Onyekwe played a pivotal role in instructing his associates, ensuring their proficiency in executing car thefts with precision and efficiency. He stated that his influence extended to all members of the apprehended group, consolidating his authority within the criminal network dedicated to vehicle theft in Rivers State.

He said during a live coverage by Channels TV, ”Today, I’m very happy to inform you that about 26 suspects specialized in stealing vehicles and robbing them have been arrested. Our greatest joy is the arrest of Chidozie Onyekwe, he’s the leader of those who steal cars in Rivers state.

He trains his men well in this criminal act, he’s linked to all the suspects you see here who have been arrested. For this same offense of stealing cars, he ensured that his men are well trained before they come and perpetrate their crimes here.”

The Police stated that the arrest followed several reports of stolen cars including some snatched from victims at gunpoint within and outside Port Harcourt. The Police also identified the arrest of the criminal’s native doctors who gave them spiritual support before they went out for any car theft mission. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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