Osuntokun “Buhari sent forces to the houses of Supreme Court Judges and tons of money were discovered”

The challenges that Nigerians are going through are so much and beyond assisting them to travel for Christmas – According to Akin Osuntokun

According to Akin Osuntokun, the director general of the Labour Party Presidential Campaign Council, former Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari dispatched troops to the homes of Supreme Court justices, where a ton of cash was found. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Akin Osuntokun reportedly remarked this in response to a query on how he would rank the judiciary in light of some of its rulings. This is according to the Sun story.

He said, “Allegations of corruption against the Judiciary whether directly or indirectly have very square legs to stand on. We may question the tactics of President Buhari, but when he sent security forces to the houses of Supreme Court Judges some years ago, you can recall all that was discovered, tons of money in different currencies. There are justifications to indict the Nigerian judiciary of bias, corruption, and of sacrificing justice. Can we, in all honesty, say today as we used to say confidently before that the Judiciary is the last hope of the common man with all indiscriminate, selective, disappointing, and frightening judgments being delivered”. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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