Omokri:Dr Haruna “Nigerians are not fools, they are seeing what is happening; you cannot oppress them”

Influencer on social media Dr. Haruna Goroh stated to former assistant Reno Omokri that Nigerians are not laughing at his attitude and that people he is persecuting would beat him. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He claimed that President Tinubu is funding Reno in order to discredit Peter Obi. Goroh’s response follows Omokri’s statement in which he requests proof from Peter Obi and his supporters on the circulating rumour that WAEC removed a post that demonstrated Peter Obi’s ability to elevate Anambra to the top of the educational rankings.

He highlighted that neither is he speaking for Obi or his party, emphasizing that if he thinks his assertion are false he should stop criticizing Obi for a while and he will be convinced that he is not being sponsored.



He stated that the Obidients were not mobilized by Obi, accentuating that they are young Nigerians who are exhausted with the corrupt leaders that have wreaked havoc on their country.

He further said that the Obidients saw Obi as someone who possessed the qualities needed to bring about that desperately desired change.

According to NAN, “Nigerians are not fools; they are seeing what is happening. You can’t oppress the people forever; one day, they will push back. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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