Olusegun Osoba said. “Tinubu Is In Pain And When I Talked To Him I Could See The Pain In Him”

Olusegun Osoba said. "Tinubu Is In Pain And When I Talked To Him I Could See The Pain In Him"

In an interview with Arise TV, former governor of Ogun State Olusegun Osoba stressed President Tinubu’s significant obstacles and asked Nigerians to support him in becoming successful. After meeting with Tinubu, Osoba shared his findings, pointing out that the President seemed to be going through a difficult time. He emphasized that Tinubu has only been in office for seven months as he pleaded for patience and ongoing support. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Osoba acknowledged the evident pain in President Tinubu and encouraged a shift in the cultural approach of Nigerians toward governance. Expressing concern for Tinubu’s well-being, he highlighted the need for understanding the complexities of the challenges faced by the administration. In emphasizing the importance of support, Osoba suggested that a more comprehensive review of the administration could be conducted after the first year, echoing a proposal made by renowned Nigerian playwright and activist Wole Soyinka.

In his statement, Osoba conveyed the sentiment that Nigerians need to adapt their cultural expectations, recognizing the considerable efforts and challenges that come with leading the nation. He acknowledged the visible distress in President Tinubu and, by encouraging patience, appealed to the populace to give the administration more time to address and overcome the issues at hand.

Hear him: “We Nigerians need to change our culture, I can tell Tinubu is in pain and when I talked to him I could see the pain in him. As I said, it is only seven months so let us try a little bit more maybe by the time he gets to a year, like Wole Soyinka said, we will do a massive review of the whole administration”. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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