Olukoyede: Bello told me there is a lady who surrounded EFCC with 100 journalists to embarrass him

Bello: We would have exchanged fire but if we had done it there will be casualties–According to EFCC ChairmanThe former governor of Kogi, Yahaya Bello, was briefed on the EFCC’s efforts to shed light on the money laundering case by its chairman, Ola Olukoyede. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

In a recent video posted on YouTube by Channels TV, Olukoyede stated that he personally contacted Bello and invited him to the EFCC office to discuss the case.

He said Bello declined, citing concerns about a certain woman who allegedly had over 100 journalists surrounding the EFCC and waiting to embarrass him. He said he assured Bello that he would provide a special entrance and conduct the interrogation in his own office, but Bello insisted on being investigated in his (Bello’s) village In Olukoyede’s words: ” He (Bello) told me there is a lady who surrounded EFCC with over 100 journalists to embarrass him.

I said okay, if that is your fear I am going to pass you through my own special gate, you will come to my floor and I will accord you that respect, I will invite my operatives and they will come and interrogate you or interview you in my own office. Do you know what he said? He said can’t they come to my village”.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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