Okuama: ‘When The Soldiers Second Gunboat Came, They Felt Confronted By Amagbein Boys’ -According to Hon Ofongo

Okuama: 'When The Soldiers Second Gunboat Came, They Felt Confronted By Amagbein Boys' -According to Hon OfongoHonorable Henry Daniel Ofongo, a former member of the Federal House of Representatives, explained to the Igbomotoru community that military intelligence had identified the potential offenders responsible for the deaths of 17 soldiers in Okuama. He said that the sending of a second gunboat to Igbomotoru heightened tensions since soldiers believed they were in conflict with people connected to the Niger Delta Militant, Endurance Amagbein, and that this could lead to firing. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He further contended, based on available information, that the assailants were indeed harbored within Igbomotoru. He emphasized that the military solely targeted the suspected perpetrators of the Okuama killings and did not assault the people of Igbomotoru.

Meanwhile, Chief of Defense Staff, Major General Christopher Musa, asserted they had identified the perpetrators, currently shielded by influential figures. Paramount Ruler of Igbomotoru Communities in Bayelsa State, King Aseimieghen Ofongo, affirmed Endurance Amagbein, a Niger Delta Militant, as a primary suspect in the Okuama soldier killings. He noted the military pursuit leading to a firefight between Amagbein’s associates and military personnel.

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Speaking with Arise TV, he remarked, “The military had their intelligence report that the suspected killers are in Igbomotoru community. From the report I have, the killers are in Igbomotoru community. The first gunboat arrived and what they could hear was drumbeats from the opposite side.Igbomotoru community is made up of four to six communities but the two major ones Igbomotoru 1 and 2 are opposite each other. So when the Soldiers heard the drum beat in Igbomotoru 2, they went to the jetty where Amagbein boys stayed. When the Soldiers second gunboat came, they felt confronted by Amaegbein boys. I think that was where the shooting started.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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