Okuama: I’m a Military Man & There Are Rules of Engagement, The military is not made to make peace – According to Biakpara

Okuama: I'm a Military Man & There Are Rules of Engagement, The military is not made to make peace – According to Biakpara

According to Vanguard Newspapers, former Air Force commander Wing Commander P.Y. Biakpara recently urged the federal government to order the Army to leave the Okuama hamlet in Ughelli South Local Government Area, Delta State. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

addressing the violence that has been going on in Okuama, where on March 14 17 military personnel were killed and their weapons seized.

Biakpara asked those responsible for the killings to return the arms and ammunition to the relevant authorities.

Biakpara underlined the importance of stopping additional loss of life and assisting in resolving tensions in the oil-rich region.

“I am a military man and there are rules of engagement. Things start from the police and it is only when the situation goes beyond the police that the army is rarely called upon. If there is any small issue, one person will run to the army checkpoint and soldiers will go there, nonsense! That means our army has nothing to do!

“I am not happy about what happened at Okuama and I sympathize with the families of the lost heroes, as well as innocent civilian lives lost in this issue. I’m not happy about the whole thing.

“The government should be well advised that they should not use the military in this wrong way, they are using the military very, very carelessly. The military is not made to make peace, and even if they make peace, they will kill people to make that peace.

“They do not negotiate to make peace. To negotiate, they call in other people, so the military is misused, and we are paying the price for misusing the military.

“Of the military that I know, losing a weapon is the worst thing and they will go after those who took their weapons till they reach the end of the earth.

“So, my advice to the perpetrators is the more you keep their weapons, the more there will be problems and the weapons should be returned, even if it means returning them in such a way that they are not properly identified, let them return the weapons,” Biakpara, stated.

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