Okpeboho “I saw Obaseki on national tv, saying PDP will take to win over 80 percent of votes”

Okpeboho "I saw Obaseki on national tv, saying PDP will take to win over 80 percent of votes"The Nation reports that Okpeboho, the senatorial district representative for Edo Central, stressed the significance of the impending Edo State governor’s race in a recent speech. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

In order to secure a change in administration and the welfare of the state, Okpeboho urged the public to make educated judgments by wisely using their right to vote.

Speaking at Emuado-Ekpoma in Esan West LGA, Okpeboho welcomed over four thousand defectors from the Obidient Movement in Ward 4 and other wards in Ekpoma into the All Progressives Congress (APC). Accompanied by his running mate, Dennis Idahosa, who serves as a representative for the Ovia constituency in the Edo House of Representatives, as well as the state’s APC Chairman, Jarett Tenebe, and other party leaders, Okpeboho stressed the need for change in Edo State.

Acknowledging the prevailing challenges of governance and administrative shortcomings in the state, Okpeboho underscored the urgency for transformation on November 12. Pointing out the need to depart from the current state of affairs, he remarked, “Change is imperative in Edo to break free from the shackles of bad governance and administrative mediocrity.”

Directing his focus on the gubernatorial race, Okpeboho highlighted the significance of the election, slated for September 21, 2024, as an opportunity for a fresh beginning. Expressing dissatisfaction with the handling of issues such as the unpaid salaries of lecturers at AAU, Ekpoma, Okpeboho criticized Governor Godwin Obaseki and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for falling short in governance.

In a strong statement, Okpeboho declared, “The neglect of AAU, Ekpoma’s lecturers is unacceptable. The Edo electorate must chase out Obaseki and his PDP… PDP has done enough damage in Edo State. PDP has failed the residents of Edo State.” Citing instances of unaddressed challenges within the state, including the prolonged salary arrears owed to AAU lecturers, Okpeboho urged voters to reject complacency and embrace change for a better future.

Highlighting his concerns, Okpeboho criticized Governor Obaseki’s priorities, particularly his focus on political campaigning rather than addressing pressing issues. Referring to Governor Obaseki’s assertions about the PDP’s electoral prospects, Okpeboho remarked, “Someone who has not been able to rescue AAU’s lecturers, who are owed 27 months’ salaries, while he is still desperate to produce a successor in Asue Ighodalo.”

In his call to action, Okpeboho urged the Edo electorate to be vigilant and use their voting power decisively to effect positive change and reject the status quo. As the gubernatorial election approaches, the political landscape in Edo State remains charged with expectations for a transformative outcome.

“I saw Obaseki on national television the other day, saying PDP had all it would take to win over 80 per cent of votes CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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