Okonkwo said. “Atiku Himself Said That It Was The Turn Of The South East But He Decided Not To Step Down”

Okonkwo said. "Atiku Himself Said That It Was The Turn Of The South East But He Decided Not To Step Down"

The presidential contender Alhaji Atiku Abukakar has been under fire from former Labour Party spokesperson Kenneth Okonkwo for his activities. Abukakar did not go beyond than admitting that the South East was the next region to vie for the presidency. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He insisted that the party’s absence of true internal democracy, which goes against the party’s constitution’s objectives of reasonable and equal power distribution, is what allowed Atiku to run for office. He expressed concerns over Peter Obi’s intention to question the traditional lack of internal democracy in Nigerian political organizations.

In the 2023 election campaign, voters tired of Nigerian politics, particularly young people and urban voters, were drawn to Mr. Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s candidate. Africa’s largest city, Lagos State, is home to the commercial centre of the country where he received the most votes. The Labour Party’s Obi scored 582,454, just marginally more than Bola Ahmed Tinubu.The PDP leadership, however, continues to hold the opinion that Peter Obi received the majority of the votes from the South East.

“Obi did not want to continue with the old formula of not having internal democracy within a political party and pretending you can do it within Nigeria,” he stated in an interview with Channels TV. The PDP said in its constitution that it is dedicated to rotating and shifting power.

The North’s presidential candidate, Atiku, then declared that the South East was ready, but he chose to remain in office. You suddenly claim that an area that has been devoted to you for their entire life is unqualified. They would not have permitted Atiku to run if the party had internal democracy. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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