Okonkwo Responds To Bwala’s Visit To Tinubu: “The President Has The Right To Command Me To Come See Him”

Okonkwo Responds To Bwala's Visit To Tinubu: "The President Has The Right To Command Me To Come See Him"

A well-known Labour Party member and spokesman for the Obi/Datti presidential campaign council criticized Daniel Bwala’s visit to the Aso Villa on Wednesday to meet with the President.Okonkwo emphasized in an interview with Channels TV Sunrise Daily that the president is entitled to welcome anybody, including himself, to the presidential house since he is the country’s commander in chief and most well-known citizen. But when Daniel Bwala was a PDP member, he should have been more circumspect about his remarks and refrained from complimenting the leader of a rival party. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He went on to say that by expressing interest in returning to the APC, Bwala has essentially turned around on all the values he claimed to uphold.

Remember that the PDP spokesman said in a press conference that he would support the president even if it meant that he would eventually rejoin the APC.

In response, Okonkwo stated that “I believe that everyone in Nigeria is a suspect, including me; I haven’t had enough evidence to convict myself.” Okonkwo had seen the photo he took with Tinubu. Seeing the president is fine, but when you sycophantically present a 360-degree picture of all the values you uphold, something is off. As the head of state and the head of the armed forces, the president has the authority to order me to visit him. Although I can’t control that, I can control what I say to him after I’ve finished seeing him.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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