Ogun: He said he would love to have sex with me and pay me well the next morning- According to Victim

Ogun: He said he would love to have sex with me and pay me well the next morning- According to Victim

Precious Owolabi, a 20-year-old graduate, was seen on camera acting inappropriately with an unidentified Abobi Police Station officer in Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State. The incident occurred inside a police car. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

A motorcycle carrying Owolabi was stopped by roughly six officers on February 5, 2024, at around seven o’clock in the evening, according to a Punch article. They forced her out of there and into their patrol van because of her clothes—more specifically, her camouflage underwear.

Owolabi, a graduate in Cooperative and Rural Development from Olabisi Onabanjo University, shared her distressing experience in an exclusive interview on Wednesday. She disclosed that the officer harassed her upon learning she was a virgin. The matter was reported to the DPO of Abobi Police Station, who identified the officer in the video as one of his station’s personnel.

During her account, she explained that on the mentioned night, while on a bike heading home, the officers insisted she come down from the bike due to her camouflaged shorts. Despite apologizing and denying any intent to intimidate, they forced her to the other side of the road and instructed her to enter their van.

According to her, they took her phone, and the officer in charge demanded she refrain from calling anyone. Inside the van, he inquired about her details and studies. When she mentioned her recent graduation and the purpose of her visit to the university,

Owolabi claimed she agreed under duress, managing to retain her phone. The officer, engrossed in inappropriate conversation, overlooked that the phone was still with her, allowing her to record evidence of the harassment.

She said, “The policemen walked to where the bike stopped and they were telling me ‘why are you putting on this ? You dey intimidate us abi ?’ I kept on apologising and saying I wasn’t intimidating them.”

“He then said he would love to have sex with me and pay me well the next morning, but I respectfully told him that I could not have sex with him, and then he slapped me on my right cheek. I kept on crying, and begging him to just let me go. At some point, he gave me back my phone on the condition that I would either pull his trousers, or I would follow him home that night, failure of which he would take me to the police station.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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