Oby Ndukwe: “If Wike is Actually Going to Come to the APC, Amaechi May Not Want to Remain in the APC”

Rivers: The Luck That Wike Has is That He's a Minister and a Super Minister at That—According to Oby Ndukwe

Publisher of the Beam Newspaper Oby Ndukwe hinted in an interview with Arise TV that given the political enmity between him and Wike, Amaechi would think about quitting the party if Wike joins the APC. She underlined that Amaechi might decide to avoid the party till the political scene clears up. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Ndukwe further stated that Wike’s interest as a serving minister under the APC is just to get the active members of the APC to his side. She emphasised that Wike has been able to get some politicians in the ruling class to his side.

According to her, “It’s left for both of them (Amaechi and Wike) to tell us what they want because I was discussing with some persons and I said, if Wike is actually going to come to the APC, of course, naturally, from what I know of both of them, Amaechi may not want to remain in the APC. He may not want to remain in the APC. He may just decide to stay away until, probably, the future comes up with something. I don’t think that’s Wike’s interest for now. I think Wike’s interest is to get the people who are active for now into the APC.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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