Obaseki: Ogbalo, He is leaving and we are sure that the next government is not going to be PDP


As per the Vanguard report, Kelly Ogbaloi, the Chairman of the Labour Party in Edo State, has questioned the authenticity and sustainability of the current government’s proposal for a salary increase. She has highlighted that there is uncertainty regarding the next government’s intention to carry out this policy or if the proposal is legally enforceable. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He suggests that the timing of the proposal, just as election season approaches, is suspect and that the move could potentially be a political ploy to curry favor with the populace rather than a genuine effort to improve workers’ salaries.

He expresses skepticism about the proposal’s effectiveness and longevity, given the political context and impending transition of power.

He said, “This is a government that is leaving soon and so what are the chances that the next government will sustain it when it is no longer there, and then what are the legalities of the new offer, what are the things that required law for salary increase be allowed to work so that successive governments can see it as a basis which they will develop on when the government changes? Whatever it is, he (Obaseki) is leaving and what we are sure of is that the next government is certainly not going to be PDP. So for me, I will conclude by saying that it appears like a charade because it is coming when election issues are here, it is a little bit political.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>


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