Nwogu “Fubara Came To Us, Explained He Didn’t Want Any Conflict With Wike And WeTook Him To His House”

Rivers War:Olaka Nwogu 'Truth Be told, the victim in all these has been the FCT Minister'Former Senator Olaka Nwogu provided insight into the efforts to end the political impasse between current Governor Siminialayi Fubara and former Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike, who is currently the FCT Minister, in a recent interview with Channels Television’s Morning Brief show. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

According to Nwogu, Fubara had approached President Muhammadu Buhari for intervention, leading to a meeting with Rivers State elders at Chief Amamraba’s house. Fubara expressed his desire to work with Wike and avoid conflict, addressing Wike as his “Oga” meaning his Boss

However, Wike responded by questioning the motives behind Fubara’s sudden desire for peace, given the allegations made by Fubara’s supporters against him. Wike clarified that he had not asked Fubara for anything in return for his support, having worked with him in the past.

In his words;

“It was Fubara himself who ran to the President for intervention. The President asked him to approach the elders of the state and they should take him to Wike for resolution and Fubara came to us, we met at Chief Amamraba’s house. He explained that he did not any conflict with Wike and we took him to Wike’s house. He spoke and said Wike is his Oga and said that I don’t want any problem, I want to just work with you”

“Wike said and I remember clearly ‘Just saying you want peace bothers me. It would be nice to know what exactly has happened that has led to all this that’s going on’. At that time, people loyal to Fubara were putting out all sort of things against Wike alleging he wanted money, he wanted to control Rivers and Wike said clearly to us, ‘When I was making you Governor I did not ask you to give anything to me, I just feel you can do this job and I supported you, having worked with me all this while'” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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  1. When Wike and Fubara dialogued nobody can say what was the terms of engagement. One thing is certain governance in politics is no man’s personal property. If you’re elected, selected, called or appointed to lead or give a position, it is not forever. One day you’ll leave that seat for another person only don’t be the reason of the chaos in another’s leadership era. You’ll have nature to contend with.

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