Nwodo: How many cities in the Southeast have outsiders contributed to building?

Former Enugu State governor Okwesilieze Nwodo has provided some historical context for the evolution of some Nigerian states. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He asserts that it is impossible to dispute the enormous contribution made by the Igbo people to the expansion and development of Lagos, Kano, Abuja, and other cities.

In a video posted by Sahara TV, Nwodo questioned: How many cities in the Southeast have members of other regions contributed to building?.

He also maintained that the seaport in Lagos State is about the only functioning seaport in the country.

According to the video, “How many cities in the Southeast have outsiders contributed to building?”.

He continued, “Busines go where there is infrastructure.” The seaport in Lagos is about the only seaport operating in Nigeria, and the Igbos do a lot of importation of goods.”.

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  1. Which of those cities invited the Igbos to come and overstretched their infrastructures?

    While Southeast have nothing enticing to Southwest for example, the region had free and qualitative primary education which the came to overstretched in the southwestern region. Ain’t these southeastern leaders ashamed of themselves for dishing out lies for deceiving their both some old and majority young followers?

  2. Since the University of Nigeria Nnsuka was established, how many of the non-Igbos was Vice-Chancelor? That’s just one example out of many tribalism, ethnicity and nepotism practices Igbo land is noted for.

  3. Outsiders from the S/E may not have contributed so much to the building of cities in that region because of their sense of insecurity in the midst of their hostile hosts. The S/easterners are terrible tribal & ethnic bigots to the point that no outsider would want to invest that much in their midst. Moreover it should be noted that no outsider will champion the development of your place for you when you yourself do not regard your development as necessary. If Lagos were to be in shambles and lagosians as hostile as the easterners outsiders will not feel safe & free to come for their own biz before embarking on development. Most importantly, no other tribes in the entire nation is claiming to have developed Lagos as the south easterners are claiming as if they’re the only outsiders in Lagos. All the tribes in Lagos contributed their own little quota to develop Lagos without making a fuss of it like the S/easterners. Calarbar in the south south region close to the south east was formerly the federal capital of Nigeria before Lagos and with also a seaport, port Harcourt is also there with a functioning seaport but the south easterners that are claiming to be experts in developing other people’s places could not go there to develop them to another Lagos they can be proud of at least those places are closer to them. The truth be told, the Niger delta people will never and ever tolerate the south easterners to come and be claiming the glory of their land. So also other places in other regions in the country where you can find the southeasterners . I don’t know why they are not claiming that they build Kano or Kaduna or Jos or Abuja? May be they don’t live in these places mentioned, they live and do biz only in Lagos there4 they build Lagos while their places are in shambles. Shameless people. QED 🙄🙄

  4. Chief Nwodo has made a statement that shows how vulnerable Igbos are to nigeria. How many no-ibos are alliwed to do business in Onitsha, Aba, Owerri and Enugu markets. How many C of Os have ben signed for natives. Igbos are business nomads looking for greener pastures outside homeland. The business they do is not exclusive . They’re free to invest in their homeland. It’s an insult on their to claim they develop the towns they make wealth due to hindered accomodation and oppotunites given them. Can Igbos claim to develop UK, USA where they do business and make money. Chief Nwodo is more civilised and well informed to tow line of hatred for other tribes that give unfettered reception and Igbos to do business. Lets emphasise things that unite us. My siblings and our daughters are married to Igbo men and women.

  5. For non Igbo not to be able developed igbo land , this shows how unaccommodating Igbos are compare to other regions , the facts remains that No Igbo brings nothing to Lagos , they came to Lagos poor with nothing, but because Yoruba people are very accommodating they allow other tribes to flourish in their land and that why you see Igbos doing very well on other regions outside their land. How many igbo billionaire made the money from their region non. Igbo land is very dry , there is nothing there

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